Guardian antivirus

How To Upgrade Guardian Antivirus To 'Latest Version'

Un-Installation Steps For Old Vesrion

Step 1: Make a note of Guardian Product key

  • Open Guardian Antivirus;
  • Click on Help from the top-right corner of the dashboard;
  • Click the “About” section;
  • Click on License details to get the product key.

Step 2: Press Windows + R to open Run window Type appwiz.cpl -> Click on OK to open Control Panel

Step 3: Right click on Guardian Total Security & Click on Uninstall

Step 4: You will get window as below:

Step 5: Select option as Remove Guardian completely & Click on Next

Step 6: Wait till process is completed

Step 7: Uninstallation will be completed

Step 8: Kindly restart the system post completion of Uninstallation

Downloading, Installation & Activation Steps

Step 1: Download the latest software of Guardian from the link:

Step 2: Provide your valid Product key and click on 'Submit' option.

Step 3: Click on Download Product Installer

Step 4: GUARTS file will download in the download folder by default

Step 5: Double click on GUARTS file, you will get below window

Step 6: Select checkbox to accept the terms & condition and click on Let’s Start

Step 7: Guardian Setup downloading & installation process will be start

Step 8: Select location if you wish to install Guardian Software in any other location or keep the default location & Click on Continue

Step 9: Installation will take place as below:

Step 10: Enter Product key/ registration details for activation & Click on Register Now

Step 11: Next window of Reactivation process will be as below. Click on Register

Step 12: Warning message will ensure as use one product key on one system at time else this copy will be treated as pirated Click on OK

Step 13: Activation successfully completed:

Completion Status


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