Guardian NetSecure Software
  • General Queries

    • What is a virus?

      Virus is a malicious piece of software or code, which is written intentionally for the destruction of data or malfunctioning on computers. It doesn't have its own entity. It has two prominent features i.e. execution and replication.
    • What is a worm?

      A computer WORM is a self-contained program or set of programs that is able to spread itself to other computer systems (usually via network connections). Worms unlike viruses don’t patch themselves to the executables files. They work independently.
    • What is a Trojan Horse?

      A Trojan Horse is a fake file that pretends to do something desirable but on execution it infects the system. It does malicious activity without the user’s knowledge.
    • How to disable System Restore feature on XP?

      Note: WINME and it’s related information to be deleted.

      Disable System Restore under Windows XP:

      Point to Start, Control Panel, Performance and Maintenance. Double-click “System”, then select the System Restore tab. Select the 'Turn off System Restore” on all drives box. Click Apply. Click Yes. Restart your system.

      Disable System Restore under Windows Vista and Win 7:

      Open System by clicking the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking System and Maintenance, and then clicking System. In the left pane, click System Protection. If may prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation. To turn off System Protection for a hard disk, select the Drive from Available Drives and click on configure. Select the 'Turn off System Protection” and then click OK.

    • What is Guardian? What platforms does it run on?

      Guardian is anti-virus software that provides reliable and constant virus protection in a single, fully integrated product to the computers. It can be installed on Windows 2000/XP/Vista/ and Win.7. It provides both on-access and on-demand scanning.
    • Does Guardian detect all in the wild viruses?

      Yes, Guardian does detect and repair all in the wild viruses.
    • Where can I find latest Guardian and manual?

      Guardian software and manual can be obtained from

      Latest software and manual are also available in CD. Please contact to our Support Centre for Guardian latest CD:

      Support Centre

      Company : Guardian NetSecure Software (A division of Quick Heal Technologies Ltd.)
      (Formerly Known as Quick Heal Technologies Pvt. Ltd.)
      Address : Marvel Edge, Office No.7010 C & D,
      7th Floor, Viman Nagar,
      City : Pune
      Pincode : 411014
      State : Maharashtra
      Country : India
      Fax : 020-66835911
      Website :

    • Where do I get Guardian AntiVirus?

      Please contact Support :

      Guardian NetSecure Software
      (A division of Quick Heal Technologies Ltd.)
      (Formerly Known as Quick Heal Technologies Pvt. Ltd.)
      Marvel Edge, Office No.7010 C & D,
      7th Floor, Viman Nagar,
      Pune 411014,
      Maharashtra, India

      Customer Service:

      Telephone : 020-66835911

    • Why Guardian requires Microsoft Service Pack to be installed on the system?

      Microsoft recommends the latest service pack use to fix the different bugs or vulnerabilities in its Operating System. This recommendation applies to both customers as well as developers who are working in Windows environment. Hence the products are being developed by following Microsoft recommendations. If any system which do not have the latest service packs or appropriate patches installed may trouble while using any application.

      Guardian has always been developed by following Microsoft recommendation. Hence to use Guardian your system should have appropriate service pack installed to get the maximum benefits.

    • How long can I use Guardian Free Trial copy?

      Guardian evaluation copy can be used for 30 days from the installation date. In the Free Trial period Guardian can be updated till expiry date.
    • How to verify if my system is victim of new worms, trojan, and backdoor?

      Guardian System Information is an essential tool to gather critical information of a Windows based system to detect new malwares. This tool gathers information to detect new Malwares from Running processes, Registry, System files like Config.Sys, Autoexec.bat etc.

      Submitting System Information file

      This tool generates an INFO.QHC file at C:\ and sends the same using default e-mail client to Quick Heal research lab. If there is no default e-mail client, INFO.QHC file will be created at C:\ and you will be asked to send the same at the above mentioned e-mail address, for analyzing the problem of your system.

      INFO.QHC file contains information in text and binary format. It contains critical system details and installed Guardian version details. Information contains automatic execution of files (through Registry, Autoexec.bat, System.ini and Win.ini) and Running processes along with their supported library details. It also collects files those are quarantined by Guardian from "Quarantine" folder. These details are used to analyze the system for new Malwares and proper functioning of Guardian. The above information is used to provide better and adequate services to customers. This tool doesn't collect any other personally identifiable information, passwords etc. We respect your privacy; rest assured this information will not be shared or disclosed.

      Generating System Information
      To generate system information follow the below given steps:

      1. Click Help -> Support from the Dashboard.
      2. Click Submit System Information.
      3. The System Information wizard opens. Click Next to continue.
      4. Select the system information generating reason. If you are suspecting new Malwares in your system then select I suspect my system is infected by new Malwares or if you are facing problem while using Guardian AntiVirus then select I am having problem while using Guardian. Provide comments in the Comments text area and also enter your email address. Click Finish.
      5. System Information (INFO.QHC) will be generated and sent to Guardian Technical Support.

      The system information will be analyzed by our lab technicians and reverted to you in case if any samples require being collected from your system.

    • Does Guardian detect corrupt worms?

      Yes, Guardian scan engine is built with intelligence to detect corrupt worms.
    • How do I submit a virus?

      Submit a suspected virus to Guardian Support. Submit virus in password protected compress file for the safety reason and write down the password in mail
    • For technical support where should I contact?

      Please contact Guardian Technical Support
  • Installation- Uninstallation

    • Important tips before proceedings with installation

      Verify that the computer is not infected (By Emergency Disk)
    • How do I install Guardian Anti-Virus?

      Using Guardian CD:

      Insert Guardian CD. It is a auto run CD. Click on Install. Guardian has a very simple installation procedure. While you are installing, simply read each installation screen, follow the instructions, and then click Next to continue. Default options provide an ideal trade between protection and performance.

      Using Guardian Installer Program:

      Double click on Guardian installer to proceed with installation. Rest procedure is same.

    • Can I install Guardian on another computer?

      If you install Guardian on another computer, it is necessary to register your software after you install Guardian. You must perform the Registration procedure by providing new Product Key. Any previously obtained Product Key and License Keys are invalid and will not work on another computer.

      One Product Key can only be used for one computer.

    • How do I uninstall Guardian?

      If due to any reason you wish to uninstall Guardian, follow the below given steps:

      • Click Uninstall Guardian from Start-Programs-Guardian group.
      • Guardian Uninstaller will prompt for the deletion of Reports. If you wish to reinstall Guardian after some time then you can uncheck Remove Report Files. Otherwise proceed by pressing OK.
      • Uninstaller at last will prompt you to restart your system for changes to take effect
      1. Before proceeding with uninstallation, please ensure that all programs are closed.
      2. Uninstalling Guardian under Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win. 7 operating system requires administrative privilege.
    • I have upgraded my computer, how do I transfer my registered copy to upgraded PC?

      In this case you need to uninstall Guardian from old system and install it on upgraded system. You also need to reactivate Guardian after installation.
  • Identifying Operating System Architecture

    On Windows Vista and Windows 7

    1. Go to Control Panel ->  System and Maintenance ->  System.
    2. Look at the System type under system.
    3. 3. If the System type is 32-bit Operating System then your Operating System is 32-bit and you need to download 32-bit Guardian setup file. If the System type is 64-bit Operating System then your Operating System is 64-bit and you need to download 64-bit Guardian setup file.
    Note: Server OS to be omitted.
  • Registration

    • How do I register my copy of Guardian?

      After installation of Guardian you will need to register your copy to activate it. You should Register and Activate your copy immediately after installation, as without Activation Guardian cannot be updated. Registered users can get other benefits like technical support and messenger service. If Guardian is not registered within 20 days time period from the date of installation, your copy of Guardian will expire and will be considered as void.

      Guardian can be registered through:

      • On-line via Internet access on same PC
      • Off-line via Internet access on some other PC
      • Off-line via SMS
    • I have reinstalled Guardian. Should I register it again?

      If due to any reason you need to reinstall your operating system or Guardian, it is necessary to reactivate your copy after reinstallation.

      Reactivation of Guardian can be done through following process:

      • Reactivating On-line with Internet Connection on same PC
      • Reactivating Off-line using Internet Connection on some other PC
      • Reactivating through SMS
    • What is my Customer ID or Customer Reference Number (CRN)?

      Your Product key of Guardian is your Customer ID or Customer Reference Number. Please do mention your Product Key in every communication with Guardian Team.
    • What to do if I lost my Product Key?

      Product Key will serve as the users Identity. In case you loose Product Key, you can obtain your Product Key by contacting Guardian Technical Support by paying nominal charges.
    • How long can I use this registered copy?

      You can use registered copy till the subscription period of your Guardian copy. After the subscription period is over you will need to renew the subscription for your copy of Guardian.
    • Are the upgrades free, if yes how long?

      All updates and upgrades are free for registered user till the subscription period of the copy.
    • Where do I get Product Key of Guardian on my computer?

      Product Key can be obtained from Help – About – License Details. This module also contains Installation number, Virus Database and Subscription validity information.
    • For Offline Registration I require Installation Number of Guardian, where will I get it in Guardian?

      It can be obtained from the Activation Wizard by performing the following steps:

      1. Click Start -> Programs -> Guardian AntiVirus -> Activate Guardian AntiVirus.
      2. The Registration Wizard opens. Click Register Offline.
      3. The offline activation screen appears. You can note down the offline activation URL and Installation Number or click Copy to clipboard. Upon clicking Copy to clipboard, the offline activation URL and the 12-digit Installation Number will be copied to the windows clipboard. You can open a document and directly paste this information into the document.
    • 'License.key file is invalid' message comes during offline registration?

      This prompt can come if previously obtained License.key file is being used to reactivate Guardian. In case if you have reinstalled Guardian then you have to apply new License.key by reactivating your copy of Guardian.

      See Also:
      I have reinstalled Guardian. Should I register it again?

    • 'Registration Wizard' prompts I am not connected to Internet, but I am online?

      This problem may arise if you are using a "proxy server" or "Socks Version 4 & 5" on your network then you have to configure "Internet Settings" of the registration wizard.

      This problem may also arise if you or your ISP is using Firewall. Firewall should be configured to allow Registration Wizard to get Internet access.

      In case the above problem remains as it is even after following the above step then we will recommend you to contact Guardian Technical Support Team. In the mean time you can also register/activate your copy of Guardian by Offline or SMS registration.

      See Also:
      - How do I set my Internet settings in case of proxy or socks4/5 connection
      - Off-line Registration

  • Renewal

    • Why should I renew my copy of Guardian?

      Once the subscription of your copy of Guardian expires, you need to renew it to continue receiving updates against the latest viruses. During renewal, you can renew your copy of Guardian for 1 year.
    • What are the benefits of renewing Guardian?

      The first benefit of renewing your Guardian copy is the continuous updates received during the renewed subscription period. These updates provide uninterrupted protection to your system and its data, against the latest viruses and other threats.

      Renewal is also a cost-effective solution when compared to purchasing the new product. The renewal code costs lesser than purchasing the new product and still provides uninterrupted protection against the latest and unknown threats and free upgrade to new version.

    • What are the benefits of renewing Guardian before the expiry date?

      If you renew your copy of Guardian before subscription expiry, you will receive a bonus of two months' additional protection during renewal of subscription.
    • What do I do to renew my copy of Guardian?

      To renew your copy of Guardian you can purchase the renewal code by email or phone support:
      Telephone: 020-66835911

    • How can I obtain the Product key of Guardian?

      If you have purchased the box copy of Guardian then the Product Key will be pasted on the User Guide or inside the box. You can also obtain the Product Key along with the Installation Number using the installed Guardian software. Just perform the following steps:

      • Click Start -> Programs -> Guardian AntiVirus -> Guardian AntiVirus to open Guardian AntiVirus.
      • Click Help -> About
      • Click the License Details button.
      • The License Details window opens. Note down the Product Key mentioned in the 'License To:' frame.
    • What will be the validity period of Guardian upon renewal?

      If you purchase a renewal code with validity for 1 Year and renew your copy of Guardian before subscription expiry, then you will get subscription validity of 1 Year + 2 Months from the date of subscription expiry. If you renew your copy of Quick Heal after subscription expiry then you will get 1 Year validity from the date of renewal.

      Example 1
      Mr. John has a copy of Guardian that expires on August 10, 2010. He purchases a renewal code on July 10, 2010 and renews his copy of Guardian on that day. His new subscription validity is October 10, 2011 (1 Year + 2 Months).

      Example 2
      Mr. Jack has a copy of Guardian that expires on August 10, 2010. He purchases a renewal code on September 10, 2010 and renews his copy of Guardian on that day. His new subscription validity is September 10, 2011 (1 Year).

    • Will I receive a CD upon renewal?

      No, a CD is not provided for renewal. The purchased renewal code will extend the subscription of your copy of Guardian.
    • How can I get a latest Product CD during the validity period?

      Please contact Support :

      Guardian NetSecure Software
      (A division of Quick Heal Technologies Ltd.)
      (Formerly Known as Quick Heal Technologies Pvt. Ltd.)
      Marvel Edge, Office No.7010 C & D,
      7th Floor, Viman Nagar,
      Pune : 411014
      Maharashtra, India

      Customer Service:

      Telephone : 020-66835911

    • If I have any queries regarding renewal of Guardian, which number do I call?

      You can contact by email or phone support:

      Telephone : 020-66835911

    • How do I renew Guardian after purchasing the renewal code?

      After purchasing the renewal code, you need to renew the copy of Guardian by performing the following steps:

      1. Click Start -> Programs -> Quick Heal Guardian -> Quick Heal Guardian.
      2. If your copy of Guardian has expired then click Renew Now on the Guardian dashboard. If your copy of Guardian has not expired, then click About under Help menu, and click Renew Now.
      3. The Renewal wizard opens. Select I want to renew using renewal code. I already have renewal code with me option and click Next.
      4. The Registration Information appears. Enter details like Purchased From, Email Address and Contact Number. Click Next to continue.
      5. The license information such as Current expiry date and New expiry date will be displayed for your confirmation.
      6. Click Next to proceed with renewal.
      7. The copy of Guardain will be renewed. Click Finish to complete the renewal process.
  • Using Guardian (Quick Heal)

    • What is an Emergency Disk? How do I create an Emergency Disk?

      You can create your own emergency bootable Disk that will help you to boot your Windows PC and scan and clean all the drives including NTFS partitions. This Disk helps in cleaning, badly infected PC from file infecting viruses which cannot be cleaned from inside Windows.

      To create an Emergency Disk please perform following steps:

      1. Click Tools -> Create Emergency Disk from the Dashboard.
      2. Click the link displayed on the screen and download the required package.
      3. Extract the downloaded package on your system. e.g. c:\my documents\qhemgpkg
      4. On the space provided on the screen enter the extracted package path, and click Next.
      5. To create Emergency Disk, select any one of the options that are displayed on screen i.e. either select Create Emergency USB disk or Create Emergency CD/DVD.
      6. Select the disk drive to be converted to an Emergency Disk and, click Next.
      7. On successful creation of an Emergency Disk a message confirming the same will be displayed.

      Things to remember while creating an Emergency Disk:

      1. It is always advisable to retain a copy of the extracted package on your system.
      2. On Windows XP and Windows 2003 Operating Systems you need to install Imaging API version 2.0 patch.
      3. While using an USB device, rewritable CD/DVD, please take a backup as the device will be formatted.
      4. To boot the system from either USB or CD/DVD you have to set Boot sequence in BIOS.
      5. Once the scanning is complete you must remove the Emergency USB disk or CD/DVD before restarting the computer otherwise it will again boot in the boot shell.
    • How to use Guardian Emergency Disk?

      1. Insert the Emergency Disk into your CD/DVD/USB drive.
      2. Restart your system.
      3. Emergency Disk will automatically start scanning all the drives. It will automatically disinfect the infection, if found.
      4. Restart your system.
    • How to use Guardian Quarantine?

      Do the following steps:

      Quarantine helps in safely isolating the infected or suspected files. When a file is added to Quarantine, Guardian encrypts the file and keeps it inside the Quarantine directory.

      You can perform the following tasks with the Quarantine feature:

      Add - a file to Quarantine.
      Remove (Delete) - a File from Quarantine.
      Remove All - the files from Quarantine.
      Restore - a file from Quarantine to its original location.
      Send - You can send the quarantined file to our research lab for further analysis.
      Select the file which you wish to submit and click Send.

    • After updating Guardian how do I determine the version and virus database of Guardian?

      Following any one way you can check your Guardian Version and Virus database:

      Launch Guardian from Start, Programs, and Guardian Group. On Guardian dashboard virus database information and on Help -> About you will get version information.

      Right click on any file point to Properties. Point to Guardian Tab. Here you will get the version and virus database information. You will also get the clean or infection status of the particular file.

      Check Live Update section in Activity Log of Guardian Scanner.

    • How do I remove virus that is active in memory?

      To remove virus from memory and system you will need to scan your system using Guardian Emergency Disk.

      See Also:
      What is an Emergency Disk? How do I create an Emergency Disk?

    • I want Quick Heal to scan my system at every first boot on daily basis. What to do?

      You can easily schedule custom scan. Frequency can be set for daily and weekly scans, which additionally can refine your request to schedule it to occur every two days or every three days instead. Further you can also schedule the task to repeat at specific intervals.

      To create a new schedule scan:

      1. Click Files & Folder -> Schedule Scan from the Dashboard.
      2. The Schedule Scan wizard opens. Click New.
      3. Name your custom schedule scan under Scan Name. For example: My Scan.
      4. Select Start at First Boot to schedule the scanner to scan at first boot of the day. When you select Start at First Boot, you don't have to specify the time of the day to start the scan. Scan will take place only during the first boot no matter at what time you start the system. Otherwise set the frequency and time at which you want to scan the system. Most of the frequency options include additional options (Every day (s) and Repeat scan after every) that let you further refine your schedule scan. Select the schedule scan priority from Low or High. Set the additional options as necessary.
      5. Provide User Name and Password.
      6. Under Scan Settings, you can specify specific items to be scanned, action required to be taken if a virus is found and use of advance options while scanning. By default, setting has been set for adequate options for scanning.
      7. When you are done, press Next.
      8. Click Add Folders.
      9. Select the Drives, folder or multiple folders to be scanned and press OK. You can configure Exclude Subfolder while scanning of a specific folder. This will ignore scanning inside the subfolders while scanning. e.g. If you select C:\ drive for scan along with selecting Exclude Subfolder option, this will initiate scan for files available at the root of C:\ drive only.
      10. Click Next.
      11. Review the summary of your custom scheduled scan.
      12. When you are done, click Finish.
    • Guardian has found a virus but the Repair option is not disabled?

      Repair option is highlighted/disabled if Guardian has detected virus inside a compressed file. Guardian doesn't disinfect a virus inside compressed file. To disinfect uncompressed the same in a temp folder. Repair the virus using Guardian Scanner. Then compress the clean files to a compress file.
  • Updating Guardian (Quick Heal)

    • Quick Update says I am not connected to Internet, but I am online?

      This problem may arise if you are using a proxy server on your network or using Socks 4 & 5 network. You need to configure "Internet Settings" of Quick Update to get Internet access.

      This problem may also arise if you or your ISP is using Firewall. Firewall should be configured to allow Quick Update to get Internet access.

      In case the above problem remains as it is even after following the above step then we will recommend you to contact Guardian Technical Support Team. In the mean time you can also update your copy of Guardian manually by downloading zip file from Updates page. Find below the instruction to update your copy of Guardian manually by downloading zip file.

      1. Manual update using zip file for desktop users:
      2. Create a temporary folder on your drive.
      3. Download the zip file from Update page in this folder.
      4. Extract the file (unzip) in this folder.
      5. Run Quick Update by pointing Start, Programs, Guardian, and Quick Update.
      6. Click 'Next'.
      7. Select the "Pick from Specified Path" option.
      8. Click on Browser and open the folder where you have extracted Zip file containing updates.
      9. Select DAT file and click 'Open'.
      10. Click 'Next' to proceed with updation.
      11. Rests follow the instruction given by Quick Update.

      See Also:
      How to configure Internet setting in Quick Update?

    • I am using Guardian on my network. How can I configure Guardian so that all system on the network get updated automatically?

      Guardian can be configured to provide hassle free upgradation across the network. You can follow the following guidelines for best results:

      1. Setup one computer (may be the server) as the master update machine. Suppose server name is SERVER.
      2. Configure Guardian on this computer to upgrade automatically from the Internet as per your desired schedule.
      3. Make QHUPD folder in any location. e.g. C:\QHUPD
      4. Assign 'Read-Only' sharing rights to this folder.
      5. Launch Quick Update from Start-Programs-Guardian Antivirus.
      6. Click Next
      7. Check on Save a copy of downloaded definition files option.
      8. Click on Browse and locate the QHUPD folder. Click Open.
      9. Click 'Next' to save this setting.
      10. On all users computer on network launch Schedule Quick Update from Start-Programs-Guardian Antivirus-Guardian-Settings-Schedule Updates.
      11. Click Next.
      12. Select the frequency of updates.
      13. Click Next.
      14. Select Pick from Specified path. Click on folder icon (right side to Pick from Specified Path).
      15. Locate the \\SERVER\QHUPD folder from Network Neighborhood. Or instead of locating you can type the path as \\SERVER\QHUPD.
      16. Click Next.
      17. Click Finish.
      18. By default 'Update Automatically' is configured.

      With the above steps all the machines will be upgraded automatically without the user intervention at all. The functionality can be further extended through the following steps.

      In case of major out breaks, Guardian provides upgrades in between also. Messenger flashes the notice on your machine.

      On receipt of the message circulate a network notice requesting to users to click on Update Now button available extreme right in Guardian Integrated Scanner or Quick Update from Start-Programs-Guardian Antivirus-Guardian-Utility-Quick Update.

      Following prompt message will come "Quick Update is scheduled to update from following path \\Server\QHUPD. Continue from updating above path".

      Following prompt message will come "Quick Update is scheduled to update from following path \\Server\QHUPD. Continue from updating above path".

  • Queries about Guardian features

    • What is Entertainment Mode? What will happen on enabling it?

      Entertainment Mode is a feature in Guardian. When enabled it configures a silent mode across all modules of Guardian, so that no prompts (virus detection or virus updates) will interrupt you when you are playing a game or watching a movie.
    • What is Browsing Protection?

      Guardian has a feature of "Browsing Protection" that protects you against landing up on websites with malicious content. It ensures that users have a safe browsing experience.
    • What does Autorun Protection do?

      Autorun Protection is a feature in Guardian. It secures your PC against autorun malwares by blocking the Autorun feature of the PC. It also safeguards your precious pen drives by vaccinating the pen drive against autorun malware infections.
    • Why is it essential to enable Self Protection?

      The Self Protection feature, when activated, ensures that Guardian files, folders, configurations and registry entries are not altered or modified by viruses or malwares, or tampered by other applications.
    • I have enabled Password Protection for the Options of Guardian AntiVirus. But now I have forgotten my password and I am not able to access the settings using Options.

      Please contact Guardian Technical Support at Click here to view Guardian Technical Support details.